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How To Send Your Files for Copying or Digital Printing

Submit files under 15MB with this form. For larger files, use the file sharing service information below.

Send Larger Files

Files also can be transferred to our copy shop using the Strongspace information below with most browsers. When using Strongspace, please notify your customer service representative that a file has been uploaded by calling 907-789-5555.

Password: lithoclient
Once logged in, choose Upload to select your file.


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File Format Tips

Our preferred file format is PDF because these files are:

  • Complete - They contain all the fonts, graphics, and page layout information necessary to display and print your file exactly as it was designed.
  • Compact - PDF supports a variety of compression methods to create smaller files for easier transmission while retaining image quality.
  • Portable - PDFs are platform and device independent. Files can be viewed on any computing platforms (i.e. Macintosh, Windows, Unix) and printed with high quality on any Adobe PostScript 3 output device.
  • Reliable - How you see your PDF is how everyone else will see it. No fonts or graphics will be missed in packaging the files. It’s all stored in one file.

Many programs export files as PDFs, check the help section of your program for information on PDF. If you need more information on how to create a PDF, you can call us at 907-789-5555.

We also offer complete prepress support and design services if you do not have a file that is ready to be copied. Contact us for more information and pricing.